in her secret life



Dear you.

Dear You,

In case that you don’t know,

I think I still love you so.

From the days you’re satisfied,

to the days you’re tired,

my heart for you vibrates like:

a calm ocean in a stormy night.

And then time goes

certainly like a boat

floating towards home

where only you know,

until the ending note

of all rhymed love songs,

I’ll still love you so.



The wind.

I kept chasing the Sun.

Then, suddenly a wind touched my hair.

His skin was sandy

and his breath was arid.

I remember Him-

the clearest image of all summers.

I’ve missed you lately.

It’s funny how I’ve missed you lately


I’m drunk in old memories.

Damn beautiful memories:

Hands, hugs,

mornings, nights,


your eyes.

By my bare hands, those I murdered

now against the rust

came like a fever:



Damn! This I hatred.

“With you, why am I so helpless?”


Brightly glow as the sun might

It is still up and timely dies

Shamed by your little light 

Shining through day and night

Guiding this sole weary kind

To his longed-for certain life

Residing by your side.


I sat on a sunny balcony-

when a bird told me you were now in my country.

My heart. paused.

A sun-drop mingled on the green green leaves.

Coral sun colored my cheeks just suddenly.

“Ah, yes”…my lips murmured secretly,

“He is coming closer to me”.


Darling, I don’t know you much.

Well…I guess I don’t want to.

Sometimes, too much knowing kills.

So, I chose to let it still.


All I know is the smell of you.

The scent of damp spring grass in a foggy morning,

of the cologne you put the first night we met,

of touches and kisses when lights turn low,

and of your warm chest where my cheek perfectly fits in.

Reddest yet bluest.

Mahogany, melancholy

You are the reddest yet bluest melody.

Drown me, lift me, suffocate me.

I’m dying happily in the midst of your tragedy.

You’re such a clever felony!


 A firing star, a burning scar_

Of love and lost.

O’yes, you are!

1 and 11.

You and I

We are like 1 and 11 o’clock 

Farther than any others-

Miles and years in between.

But we’re also closer than other hours,

hiding in a small secret box of king and queen.

And the clock ticks

from you to me

as it will

forever be.


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