in her secret life




My man is a morning star

falling from the bluest sky afar.

“Thy, who you are?”

I asked in the smoke of a tired bar.

He put off his darkest smoking tar.

“I am your scar!”,

replied he.

His voice echoed

in the last drum of jazz.


Do you miss me?

“Do you miss me?”

I’m glad you asked.

‘Cause I miss you




It comes and it flees.

Lovers are not made to be

forever happy.

When the song of harmony

is no longer sung,

let love unstrung.






You are a dagger
Of everything I wouldn’t come closer
A father, a foreigner
A life busier
All you’ll bring me is dangers.

I am a river
Of everything you once chased after
A dreamer, a thinker
A sky bluer
And all I’ll bring you is dangers

But we couldn’t help falling for one another
In spite of all the dangers
To suffocate ourselves in little pleasures
Of 2 ephemeral lovers.
Wish I can stay a bit longer


Hey Mr.Busy, how are you today?
Like a little white rabbit
Click clock flick flock
You’re chasing time in all of your ways.
Busy, busy, everyday.

Plans are swirling in your left hemisphere
No room for fears, no time for tears
Today will be soon of a yesteryear
Quick, quick, time is drawing near.

Mr.Busy, are you doing well?
Take care_ please keep a good health
Lift dumbbells, burn your excessive fat cells
Have a massage, pamper yourself
And don’t forget to use the pool of your hotel.

Another year is awaiting at your door
You’ll need much energy to score and to soar
I know that you’ll soon have what you’re looking for
And that I cannot bring you more
But I’ll try to make you happy when I’m still yours.

Before I catch my flight and you’re coming home.



I don’t know what I’m more afraid of-

Seeing you again or never seeing you again.

My eyes kept looking for a silhouette of you

among 9 million silhouettes of others.

My heart wished for one day crossing yours;

but my mind prevented me from wanting more.


It hurts to see my brightest color vanished into the thin air.

I don’t remember how many times I suffocated in restless nightmares-

with images of you haunting, squeezing, and killing.

Still, I’m struggling.

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