in her secret life




And so she’s beating on,

like a train bulleting into darkness.

No beginning and no end,

just her wilderness.

On and off went passengers,

passing her life in the blink of an eye.

They may live or they may die.

A few hellos, a few goodbyes.

She’s beating on.

This is her life.


You’d been stuck too long in your tiny world

surrounded by familiar faces and voices.

“I’m not an adventurer”, once you said.

“Never did I dare to take chances,

to break the line and move ahead.”

Then came I like a train crossing your life

My wilderness lifted you up high to another world

of everything you had been so unsure.

Joyfully you and I marched to the line.

Carelessly, a coming storm didn’t cross our minds,

not until it destroyed our lives.

A familiar hand from the deadly storm pulled you back down

to the entirety of the same old town.

I stood there outside the line helplessly seeing you getting drown.

Again, you became the same little boy sitting on a straw rooftop

hiding a secret promise with the train he once missed.

“One day, I will build my own station and have my own train

to break the line and to find you in another July rain”.

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