in her secret life




Love is love is love is love.

Nights I stay up late

and you are deep in sleep.

Secretly, I send you a kiss

and put a poem at your doorway_

A letter to be uncovered-

a lover to be lingered

at the beginning of a day.

Love is love is love is love.

Believe me when I always say

I’m ready for your walkaway.

Cause I know at the end you can’t stay.

One day, when you’re back to the horizon where I don’t exist in,

I’ll keep an invisible tattoo on my pale yellow skin_

Of a soon-be-gone love,

a piece of time 

when I’m still




with you.

Love is love is love is love.



Good morning, Mr.Busy.
Were you pleased to see me?
I was. Cause I missed you desperately.

Today, you will be very busy
All day with Matt, not with me. Sadly.
2 men hunting for victories
Sounds like in a love story <laughing>

Mr.Busy, hope you will quickly flee,
get your trophy, say goodbye to Mr. Somebody.
Cause you surely know I’m more yummy…
than him, obviously.



Hey Mr.Busy, how are you today?
Like a little white rabbit
Click clock flick flock
You’re chasing time in all of your ways.
Busy, busy, everyday.

Plans are swirling in your left hemisphere
No room for fears, no time for tears
Today will be soon of a yesteryear
Quick, quick, time is drawing near.

Mr.Busy, are you doing well?
Take care_ please keep a good health
Lift dumbbells, burn your excessive fat cells
Have a massage, pamper yourself
And don’t forget to use the pool of your hotel.

Another year is awaiting at your door
You’ll need much energy to score and to soar
I know that you’ll soon have what you’re looking for
And that I cannot bring you more
But I’ll try to make you happy when I’m still yours.

Before I catch my flight and you’re coming home.



Time can build good memories.

And so can it kill.

Let beautiful moments

die beautifully forever-

being frozen


and unharmed

by the heartless knife

of time.


They say:

“Time heals”,


For me-

“Time kills.”

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