in her secret life




She appeared to me in your stories

as fragile as a wine glass-

that could be broken and fractured easily

with just a touch of hands.

But what I saw in her

when we secretly exchanged our looks for each other,

is a brave girl who is

beautiful, smart, passionate-

and loving you with a whole heart of hers.

I’m not sure if she’s your blessing or curse;

but she deserves to be treasured

as long as you could still love her.

Stay with her, cut the rope and let me go.

I’m giving up on you, the man – the story untold.

Let our chapter fold…



“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad

Take a sad song and make it better



Our minds wandered somewhere far away

Our sails couldn’t be kept at bay

You and me, 2 sinners in a runaway

“You have found her, go out and get her”

Your eyes starred at me passionately

as if they could tell “You’re mine eternally”

But sadly, I couldn’t be.

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