in her secret life



The sailor.

Yesterday he sailed away

His brave heart kissed silvery waves

Smoke and dust hung in a haze

“Farewell” his lover said.

Onwards he goes from the bay

His lady is the sea and she never betrays

3.000ft in her blue where his anchor stays-

A secret chamber- every night he prays

“God, please let it be today


til’ my decay”


He and Me.

He is an opposition of me:

A hunter of victory,

a seeker of glory_

who cannot cease, despite difficulties.

And I’m helplessly drowning in his vanity.


He’s also a man of duty

carrying on his shoulder other destinies_

Always, he’s been busy and busy.

For a long time, he wished for a remedy

that could bring him peace.


Me don’t live in his history nor next journeys

Me can’t give him apathy or liberty.

But me will sing him a melody of fantasies,

lift him off the gravity

and ease his misery

with my secret recipe.


Hope he’ll soon be happy!


Can you hear the bell is ringing?

You’ve been preparing and waiting for this day too long,

haven’t you, sailor?

It’s time to test your limits and sail on.

Defeat the monster and claim the glorious crown.

I’ll sing a joyful hymn in my distant land, praying for your throne.

May all the courage, wisdom and lucks be your wings,

taking you higher and farther than you can imagine.

-From The Woman with all my loving-

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