in her secret life




Hey, babe! Are you there?

Well, it’s nothing…

just last night, I got a nightmare-

that I could no longer touch your silky hair

and we would no longer be a pair.

I woke up, heart crying in despair.


Dear, you must know you are awfully rare.

Though I know, we’re standing on a broken chair,

losing you?

I’m not sure if I can bear.

This love, a mess that can’t be repaired.


Damn…I miss you,

and the flare in your stare.




I don’t know what I’m more afraid of-

Seeing you again or never seeing you again.

My eyes kept looking for a silhouette of you

among 9 million silhouettes of others.

My heart wished for one day crossing yours;

but my mind prevented me from wanting more.


It hurts to see my brightest color vanished into the thin air.

I don’t remember how many times I suffocated in restless nightmares-

with images of you haunting, squeezing, and killing.

Still, I’m struggling.

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