in her secret life




April is the month of lies

I hope it’d put you back

to my side.

Again, be mine.



I sat on a sunny balcony-

when a bird told me you were now in my country.

My heart. paused.

A sun-drop mingled on the green green leaves.

Coral sun colored my cheeks just suddenly.

“Ah, yes”…my lips murmured secretly,

“He is coming closer to me”.


I’m tired dear,

Wish you were here.

Life is full of fears-

Sometimes when you’re not near.


Dear, I wonder now where you are.

You always sail among the stars,letting life taking you far.

I’m worried if your journey is hard.

I hope it’s not.

Cause I don’t want to see on your skin: scars.

Take care, my dearest.

Much love from a lover afar.


I want you to smile when thinking of me in a sudden glimpse of mind.

I want you to send me food photos if you enjoy your lunch and think I would too if I were with you.

I want you to play Chantal’s Besame Mucho at least once a week and recall my kisses on your cheek.

I want you to leave a place on your bed at the left side as you know it’s where I’m sleeping one night.

I want you to keep rhyming cause you’re getting better. A little cheer up that makes you feel lighter.

Last but not least,

I want you to want me.


Lucid dream.

Dear, do you remember

how we made love in a naked night?

Wet kisses through translucent steam.

You ran wild and I loudly screamed.

Buttons undone-

You triggered the gun,

slowly killing me in your lucid dream.




have you been thinking of me lately?

You must be now busy

with your journey 

reaching for new trophies.

But in the sea of reality, 

have you ever seen me?

A strawberry? Or a felony?

Or am I locked

in your bluest fantasy?

The key you keep.

Come nearer to me.

Set me free.

Submerge me_

into the waves of your reality.

Take me.


A bad day.


I got a bad day today.

First came a phone lost,

probably at somewhere on my way.

Then in the middle of my camping,

my friend’s phone rang-

An urgent call lifted me off from what I was enjoying,

which I mean, camping <wink ;)>


My flight was booked and I had 2 hours

to rush back, buy a cheap phone,

get a temporary number,

and make it into the airport-

which is 30 kilometers from the city center.

Guess what happened? – I made it (yay!)


Arrived Hanoi at 10; and here I am,

writing a rhyme to complain about my damn bad day.

But at the end, it was still a nice getaway

with heart bumping, mind stressing and legs tiring;

and it was always you I’ve been missing:

“Wish I now had your hugging and kissing.”

And that is my day, how about yours, darling?

How bad is your day?

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