in her secret life



I’ve missed you lately.

It’s funny how I’ve missed you lately


I’m drunk in old memories.

Damn beautiful memories:

Hands, hugs,

mornings, nights,


your eyes.

By my bare hands, those I murdered

now against the rust

came like a fever:



Damn! This I hatred.

“With you, why am I so helpless?”



He and I-

We are different:

Nothing in common;

Apart by oceans;

And we live for unshared reasons.

“Do we have to have commons?

Or else would our love be broken?”

My heart cried, my eyes were reddened.

“Dear, you’re my flawless contradiction,

and for a god sake, 

love doesn’t demand conditions”, said he.

I nodded and smiled,

when his arms were secretly tightened-

around the hips of mine.

And he pushed harder.

My pale skin was like ivory moonlight etching on his darkest curves.


Darling, I don’t know you much.

Well…I guess I don’t want to.

Sometimes, too much knowing kills.

So, I chose to let it still.


All I know is the smell of you.

The scent of damp spring grass in a foggy morning,

of the cologne you put the first night we met,

of touches and kisses when lights turn low,

and of your warm chest where my cheek perfectly fits in.


Been alone since 23

He tries to laugh and be happy

But I know it to be quite contrary.

No place’s like home.


His home,

where stars’re shining¬†on the night sky,

fills brightly in his heavy eyes

and his tired mind.

All he want is one more Saturday night,

dancing on the other Earth’s side.


He keeps longing

‘Til a day…


I don’t count

days we’re apart.

another day


when the sun

goes down

like gold.


In a glittering

river of time,

floats my body.

My mind is lost

in the riverhead

of time

when the sun

is dead.

Thousands kisses

Dear, what will you do when we meet again?

Will you press me onto wall and drive me insane?

Or push me down and force me under your reign?

All schemes sound nice but not my appetite.

As darling, I would rather die

In your thousands kisses at the first sight.



Put my words into a teapot

Add hot water

Take a sip

And feel

How I miss you

A lot.

Christmas Eve.

Will you miss me on Christmas Eve?

When your kids are running around a Christmas tree;

and your wife is being busy roasting a turkey for the whole family_

When songs of Christmas that you once played for me

are echoing merrily holy melodies,

lifting your soul, making you happy.

Are you still

thinking of me

on Christmas Eve?

Do you miss me?

“Do you miss me?”

I’m glad you asked.

‘Cause I miss you


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