in her secret life



He and Me.

He is an opposition of me:

A hunter of victory,

a seeker of glory_

who cannot cease, despite difficulties.

And I’m helplessly drowning in his vanity.


He’s also a man of duty

carrying on his shoulder other destinies_

Always, he’s been busy and busy.

For a long time, he wished for a remedy

that could bring him peace.


Me don’t live in his history nor next journeys

Me can’t give him apathy or liberty.

But me will sing him a melody of fantasies,

lift him off the gravity

and ease his misery

with my secret recipe.


Hope he’ll soon be happy!


In the cloak of night, under old pine trees-

you said you would find me

“3 years later, I will cross the seas”,

whispered you gently.

But please, please!

Can you not find me?-

after you hurt my heart so cruelly

Came back to her and left me alone in the trees;

night cloaked on pieces of me.


My misery,

my tragedy,

please don’t find me.

Free me!

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