in her secret life




April is the month of lies

I hope it’d put you back

to my side.

Again, be mine.


Count 1-10

1 2 3

Do you miss me?

3 4 5

I want to stay by your side.

4 5 6

Can you hear my heartbeat?

6 7 8

It longs for yours one day.

8 9 10

Be well, my man.

Somehow, somewhere

Southern stars shone bright,

engraving your name on my sky.

Vivid night-wishes of mine soared high,

entwining me to my Valentine.

Now is now and you’re still mine.

Time doesn’t matter when you’re by my side.

Home is where we’re under at the same sky.

Farewell, one day, will redden my eyes.

East winds will blow wild outside your flights.

But memories of our naked nights 

Remain in a sacred shrine

Underneath the moon when seven stars align.

And when life goes by

Round and round like the sharp edge of a knife

You will stay somehow, somewhere in my mind.


I don’t drink wine.

Never did I.

But dear,

you taste so fine

like fresh grapes

from the vine.

I want you

all to be mine.

Would you mind?


Last night, we were together-

You, I and her.

We talked so damn naturally-

as if nothing had happened,

and our memories had been just a hollow in time.

She’s still your girl and you’re still hers.

Your fingers entwined;

your head leaned on her small shoulders.

Just like a perfect loving couple-

naturally without any struggles.

Suddenly I realized I had been cruel,

torturing my heart for a person who can never be mine.

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