in her secret life




I’m in love with a man who loves Loneliness.

He needs it just like people need air.

Every night, he makes friends with his nightmares;

and in his unconsciousness, Loneliness leaves him a kiss.

He wakes up, next to me and lingers his cheek,

where the last night secret kiss was placed.


Darling, I don’t know you much.

Well…I guess I don’t want to.

Sometimes, too much knowing kills.

So, I chose to let it still.


All I know is the smell of you.

The scent of damp spring grass in a foggy morning,

of the cologne you put the first night we met,

of touches and kisses when lights turn low,

and of your warm chest where my cheek perfectly fits in.

Somehow, somewhere

Southern stars shone bright,

engraving your name on my sky.

Vivid night-wishes of mine soared high,

entwining me to my Valentine.

Now is now and you’re still mine.

Time doesn’t matter when you’re by my side.

Home is where we’re under at the same sky.

Farewell, one day, will redden my eyes.

East winds will blow wild outside your flights.

But memories of our naked nights 

Remain in a sacred shrine

Underneath the moon when seven stars align.

And when life goes by

Round and round like the sharp edge of a knife

You will stay somehow, somewhere in my mind.



It comes and it flees.

Lovers are not made to be

forever happy.

When the song of harmony

is no longer sung,

let love unstrung.






Good morning, Mr.Busy.
Were you pleased to see me?
I was. Cause I missed you desperately.

Today, you will be very busy
All day with Matt, not with me. Sadly.
2 men hunting for victories
Sounds like in a love story <laughing>

Mr.Busy, hope you will quickly flee,
get your trophy, say goodbye to Mr. Somebody.
Cause you surely know I’m more yummy…
than him, obviously.



You are a dagger
Of everything I wouldn’t come closer
A father, a foreigner
A life busier
All you’ll bring me is dangers.

I am a river
Of everything you once chased after
A dreamer, a thinker
A sky bluer
And all I’ll bring you is dangers

But we couldn’t help falling for one another
In spite of all the dangers
To suffocate ourselves in little pleasures
Of 2 ephemeral lovers.
Wish I can stay a bit longer


I want to taste you in flesh,
push you on bed,
rip off your dress,
and drive you mad.

I want to unravel your threads,
put my hands around your fragile neck,
and consume you til your last breath.



Time can build good memories.

And so can it kill.

Let beautiful moments

die beautifully forever-

being frozen


and unharmed

by the heartless knife

of time.


<NOVEMBER> brings ghosts of my youthfulness back again every when the wind rises.

In front of a church came a grieving song
A red rose fell onto the black coffin
Broken glasses and kisses and tears
Ephemeral love
Forever brokenhearted.

Lightning struck
Liquors spilled
Distorted dreams
Beautiful and haunting
Endlessly in a November rain.

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