in her secret life




Baby baby

Come come to me

Hurry hurry

Afraid don’t be

Just cross the seas

Dance with the bees

Blood reds your knees

Refrain don’t be

One day you’ll see

A strawberry

Ripen in me

Hurry hurry

Come come baby.



I don’t count

days we’re apart.

another day


when the sun

goes down

like gold.


In a glittering

river of time,

floats my body.

My mind is lost

in the riverhead

of time

when the sun

is dead.

1 and 11.

You and I

We are like 1 and 11 o’clock 

Farther than any others-

Miles and years in between.

But we’re also closer than other hours,

hiding in a small secret box of king and queen.

And the clock ticks

from you to me

as it will

forever be.


He and Me.

He is an opposition of me:

A hunter of victory,

a seeker of glory_

who cannot cease, despite difficulties.

And I’m helplessly drowning in his vanity.


He’s also a man of duty

carrying on his shoulder other destinies_

Always, he’s been busy and busy.

For a long time, he wished for a remedy

that could bring him peace.


Me don’t live in his history nor next journeys

Me can’t give him apathy or liberty.

But me will sing him a melody of fantasies,

lift him off the gravity

and ease his misery

with my secret recipe.


Hope he’ll soon be happy!

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