in her secret life




He and I-

We are different:

Nothing in common;

Apart by oceans;

And we live for unshared reasons.

“Do we have to have commons?

Or else would our love be broken?”

My heart cried, my eyes were reddened.

“Dear, you’re my flawless contradiction,

and for a god sake, 

love doesn’t demand conditions”, said he.

I nodded and smiled,

when his arms were secretly tightened-

around the hips of mine.

And he pushed harder.

My pale skin was like ivory moonlight etching on his darkest curves.


A hot damp night of November.

In a hot damp night of November, he slaughtered her silvery body and whispered: “Now you are my girl”.

His fingers entwined hers and his kisses burned her skin redder and redder.

“Please enter”, her lips made a secret curve.

Lucid dream.

Dear, do you remember

how we made love in a naked night?

Wet kisses through translucent steam.

You ran wild and I loudly screamed.

Buttons undone-

You triggered the gun,

slowly killing me in your lucid dream.



We were determined-

trying to destroy each and every piece of our memories,

setting aside our hearts to live in a mere rationality,

being responsible with reality.

But hearts…screamed and yearned and craved

Yours for me and mine for you-

from deep down within their graves.

A gun was loaded with its barrel touching your temple.

“What do you want?”, asked a distant voice as cold as metal.

“Another night-with her, by my side.

Touch her, kiss her, look into her eyes

Make love and wake up with her, still – by my side.”

The death nodded his head, and triggered the gun.

You lied down on a wrinkle pearl white linen

My naked body pressed against yours

My  eyebrows frowned and my lips mumbled: “I want more”

Your kisses slowly reached my forehead

“I know our love is hanging on a thread

but sleep tight, the poison for my heart

as no matter far it drags me into Hell

Also the more of you I want to drink in my secret cell.”


Have you finished your CV

and put “Making love” with me

in the “Hobbies” category?


If I must admit frankly

“Making love” with you

is also my hobby

though definitely

I don’t have a silly CV.

<smiling cunningly>

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