in her secret life




Ciao my sailor

Can you see the Sun

rising from the East line of the world?

Do you love her?

I know you will do.

She’s beautiful and so are you.

The night is over.

My silver anchor can’t stay.

The sky now is hers.

Oh dear, my sailor!

Sleep, sleep and let me kiss you gentle.

Then you’ll know there was once:

a moonlight in you.

Au revoir, my sailor.


There’s a thin line between lovers and strangers.


Started as a stranger of strangers,

slowly you took my hands and crashed all the dangers

to put a hurried kiss on my thirsty lips.

You pulled me into your world

and stepped into mine.

From a stranger, you became my lover-

the man I loved, the man I wanted to uncover.

Sadly, life is bitter-

and again…

you became a stranger of strangers,

walking in the city of 9 millions people.

But unlike any of them,

you made my heart crumble

with unspeakable pains

and unbearable emptiness.

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