in her secret life




I’m in love with a man who loves Loneliness.

He needs it just like people need air.

Every night, he makes friends with his nightmares;

and in his unconsciousness, Loneliness leaves him a kiss.

He wakes up, next to me and lingers his cheek,

where the last night secret kiss was placed.



I don’t count

days we’re apart.

another day


when the sun

goes down

like gold.


In a glittering

river of time,

floats my body.

My mind is lost

in the riverhead

of time

when the sun

is dead.


 A firing star, a burning scar_

Of love and lost.

O’yes, you are!

Somehow, somewhere

Southern stars shone bright,

engraving your name on my sky.

Vivid night-wishes of mine soared high,

entwining me to my Valentine.

Now is now and you’re still mine.

Time doesn’t matter when you’re by my side.

Home is where we’re under at the same sky.

Farewell, one day, will redden my eyes.

East winds will blow wild outside your flights.

But memories of our naked nights 

Remain in a sacred shrine

Underneath the moon when seven stars align.

And when life goes by

Round and round like the sharp edge of a knife

You will stay somehow, somewhere in my mind.

A bad day.


I got a bad day today.

First came a phone lost,

probably at somewhere on my way.

Then in the middle of my camping,

my friend’s phone rang-

An urgent call lifted me off from what I was enjoying,

which I mean, camping <wink ;)>


My flight was booked and I had 2 hours

to rush back, buy a cheap phone,

get a temporary number,

and make it into the airport-

which is 30 kilometers from the city center.

Guess what happened? – I made it (yay!)


Arrived Hanoi at 10; and here I am,

writing a rhyme to complain about my damn bad day.

But at the end, it was still a nice getaway

with heart bumping, mind stressing and legs tiring;

and it was always you I’ve been missing:

“Wish I now had your hugging and kissing.”

And that is my day, how about yours, darling?

How bad is your day?



It comes and it flees.

Lovers are not made to be

forever happy.

When the song of harmony

is no longer sung,

let love unstrung.






I’m giving you my rhyme

but not my time.

How can I?

when our love is a crime.




We were determined-

trying to destroy each and every piece of our memories,

setting aside our hearts to live in a mere rationality,

being responsible with reality.

But hearts…screamed and yearned and craved

Yours for me and mine for you-

from deep down within their graves.

A gun was loaded with its barrel touching your temple.

“What do you want?”, asked a distant voice as cold as metal.

“Another night-with her, by my side.

Touch her, kiss her, look into her eyes

Make love and wake up with her, still – by my side.”

The death nodded his head, and triggered the gun.

You lied down on a wrinkle pearl white linen

My naked body pressed against yours

My  eyebrows frowned and my lips mumbled: “I want more”

Your kisses slowly reached my forehead

“I know our love is hanging on a thread

but sleep tight, the poison for my heart

as no matter far it drags me into Hell

Also the more of you I want to drink in my secret cell.”


I am a full-time dreamer and a part-time loner.

Life couldn’t get any better.

The world spins in reverse.

Days are darker and nights are brighter.

Sky is closer and ground grows deeper.

Mind gets faster and life goes slower.

Eyes shimmer in the brightest cinder.

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