in her secret life



Her kiss.

Last night she kissed a tattoo on his chest,

where his heart beat the same as the day they met-

clumsily and uncontrollably mad-

while her lips stain was burning red,

like a poison from the Death –

fatal yet irresistible.

“Take me”, he begged.

A hot damp night of November.

In a hot damp night of November, he slaughtered her silvery body and whispered: “Now you are my girl”.

His fingers entwined hers and his kisses burned her skin redder and redder.

“Please enter”, her lips made a secret curve.


He fills the air

by the smell of juniper.

His eyes glow

when the night grows darker.

Gin and tonic is spilled all over

a chest,

a lips,

and a kiss

of my choco lover.

I kneel down on a bed sheet

as white as pearl,

enamor him, sliding my tongue

over his curves,

taste him wildly when he slowly


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