in her secret life




I’m in love with a man who loves Loneliness.

He needs it just like people need air.

Every night, he makes friends with his nightmares;

and in his unconsciousness, Loneliness leaves him a kiss.

He wakes up, next to me and lingers his cheek,

where the last night secret kiss was placed.



He said he was a selfish fool.

Yes, he is.

My fool.

I’m thinking if he knows

Life is all about:

fooling around.

We are all fools, dear. 

Don’t take the cloth

off your eyes.

Let you’re fooled

by life,

and see 

if your roads 

cross mine.

Die young.

She’s living in a perfect life.

Sun rises in her eyes;

rain falls through her mind;

and crystal shatters on her bluest sky.

“I wish that I could die,

when the primest time’d pass me by.

Then, my corpse’d turn to fireflies,

and on my grave flowers’d bloom white.”


He and I-

We are different:

Nothing in common;

Apart by oceans;

And we live for unshared reasons.

“Do we have to have commons?

Or else would our love be broken?”

My heart cried, my eyes were reddened.

“Dear, you’re my flawless contradiction,

and for a god sake, 

love doesn’t demand conditions”, said he.

I nodded and smiled,

when his arms were secretly tightened-

around the hips of mine.

And he pushed harder.

My pale skin was like ivory moonlight etching on his darkest curves.


Luna Luna anchors the night sky.

Are you lonesome up high?

Is the world revolving wild

in your silvery immortal eyes?

But, Luna Bella Luna, my one of the kind.

Lunatic- that’s how people call your dreamy glittering mind.

O’darling, my shinning child.

You’re such a beautiful lie 

lying in a soulless life,

night after night.


Baby baby

Come come to me

Hurry hurry

Afraid don’t be

Just cross the seas

Dance with the bees

Blood reds your knees

Refrain don’t be

One day you’ll see

A strawberry

Ripen in me

Hurry hurry

Come come baby.

Where are you?

Where are you now dear?

Above the sky blue or under the water clear?

Though your love is truly sincere,

your heart will never be near.


And so she’s beating on,

like a train bulleting into darkness.

No beginning and no end,

just her wilderness.

On and off went passengers,

passing her life in the blink of an eye.

They may live or they may die.

A few hellos, a few goodbyes.

She’s beating on.

This is her life.


Dear, I wonder now where you are.

You always sail among the stars,letting life taking you far.

I’m worried if your journey is hard.

I hope it’s not.

Cause I don’t want to see on your skin: scars.

Take care, my dearest.

Much love from a lover afar.

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