in her secret life



The sailor.

Yesterday he sailed away

His brave heart kissed silvery waves

Smoke and dust hung in a haze

“Farewell” his lover said.

Onwards he goes from the bay

His lady is the sea and she never betrays

3.000ft in her blue where his anchor stays-

A secret chamber- every night he prays

“God, please let it be today


til’ my decay”


Her kiss.

Last night she kissed a tattoo on his chest,

where his heart beat the same as the day they met-

clumsily and uncontrollably mad-

while her lips stain was burning red,

like a poison from the Death –

fatal yet irresistible.

“Take me”, he begged.

A hot damp night of November.

In a hot damp night of November, he slaughtered her silvery body and whispered: “Now you are my girl”.

His fingers entwined hers and his kisses burned her skin redder and redder.

“Please enter”, her lips made a secret curve.


Darling, I don’t know you much.

Well…I guess I don’t want to.

Sometimes, too much knowing kills.

So, I chose to let it still.


All I know is the smell of you.

The scent of damp spring grass in a foggy morning,

of the cologne you put the first night we met,

of touches and kisses when lights turn low,

and of your warm chest where my cheek perfectly fits in.


I want you to smile when thinking of me in a sudden glimpse of mind.

I want you to send me food photos if you enjoy your lunch and think I would too if I were with you.

I want you to play Chantal’s Besame Mucho at least once a week and recall my kisses on your cheek.

I want you to leave a place on your bed at the left side as you know it’s where I’m sleeping one night.

I want you to keep rhyming cause you’re getting better. A little cheer up that makes you feel lighter.

Last but not least,

I want you to want me.



Love is love is love is love.

Nights I stay up late

and you are deep in sleep.

Secretly, I send you a kiss

and put a poem at your doorway_

A letter to be uncovered-

a lover to be lingered

at the beginning of a day.

Love is love is love is love.

Believe me when I always say

I’m ready for your walkaway.

Cause I know at the end you can’t stay.

One day, when you’re back to the horizon where I don’t exist in,

I’ll keep an invisible tattoo on my pale yellow skin_

Of a soon-be-gone love,

a piece of time 

when I’m still




with you.

Love is love is love is love.

Lucid dream.

Dear, do you remember

how we made love in a naked night?

Wet kisses through translucent steam.

You ran wild and I loudly screamed.

Buttons undone-

You triggered the gun,

slowly killing me in your lucid dream.


Thousands kisses

Dear, what will you do when we meet again?

Will you press me onto wall and drive me insane?

Or push me down and force me under your reign?

All schemes sound nice but not my appetite.

As darling, I would rather die

In your thousands kisses at the first sight.



He fills the air

by the smell of juniper.

His eyes glow

when the night grows darker.

Gin and tonic is spilled all over

a chest,

a lips,

and a kiss

of my choco lover.

I kneel down on a bed sheet

as white as pearl,

enamor him, sliding my tongue

over his curves,

taste him wildly when he slowly


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