in her secret life




Giggling in the trees,

darling, what do you see

in me?

Is the Sun 

shining bright

on the crown

of a king

on the day he left

a kingdom 

and his queen?

Is the wind

blowing wild

on a face

of wrinkled sins?

And the sand?


And Illusions?

Do they drip

like tears

of my eyes

on the day

you left the throne?

And since, long you’re gone, gone, gone.




I hang myself by a thread of your hair

and let me burnt in the flame of your stare.


I’m craving for your sins,

etching on my skin,

when the moonlight left a kiss

on the linen sheet

and you got my everything.

Where are you?

Where are you now dear?

Above the sky blue or under the water clear?

Though your love is truly sincere,

your heart will never be near.

Upside down 

I found you in an upside down world.

Where no wrong is right and no right is wrong.

The sky echoes a birdsong-

Of a time which has gone too long;

of the days when man made no sound, and love was sung loud-

Just the way we are going now_

in a world turning upside down.


Dear, I wonder now where you are.

You always sail among the stars,letting life taking you far.

I’m worried if your journey is hard.

I hope it’s not.

Cause I don’t want to see on your skin: scars.

Take care, my dearest.

Much love from a lover afar.


Been alone since 23

He tries to laugh and be happy

But I know it to be quite contrary.

No place’s like home.


His home,

where stars’re shining on the night sky,

fills brightly in his heavy eyes

and his tired mind.

All he want is one more Saturday night,

dancing on the other Earth’s side.


He keeps longing

‘Til a day…


I don’t count

days we’re apart.

another day


when the sun

goes down

like gold.


In a glittering

river of time,

floats my body.

My mind is lost

in the riverhead

of time

when the sun

is dead.

Christmas Eve.

Will you miss me on Christmas Eve?

When your kids are running around a Christmas tree;

and your wife is being busy roasting a turkey for the whole family_

When songs of Christmas that you once played for me

are echoing merrily holy melodies,

lifting your soul, making you happy.

Are you still

thinking of me

on Christmas Eve?

A good day.

Let’s say today is a good day-

to cry, to die or to thrive.

Don’t refrain or restrain.


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