in her secret life




Let go of me.


I’m not your treasure,

just a shiny pebble you encountered

when life got to a corner. 


I am a cursed pebble.

The vicious witch is my mother.

And she will not let you take me from her.


Your life is on different waters

and mine is staying here forever.


Let go of me, come back to your past and future.


Don’t think of me.

Don’t pity me.

I’m just a pebble you never encounter when life gets to the corner.


Dear, did you notice

since when we only said goodbye;

our talks only started with poems of mine;

and my ears were no longer filled with your sweetest sigh?

Well, definitely you could deny; but…

this question never crossed your mind-

That I’m certain.


Like ink on my hands, your love stains my heart.

And no matter how painful are my fingers,

I keep writing on rugged paper-

Red blood drips over black letters.

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