in her secret life




He and I-

We are different:

Nothing in common;

Apart by oceans;

And we live for unshared reasons.

“Do we have to have commons?

Or else would our love be broken?”

My heart cried, my eyes were reddened.

“Dear, you’re my flawless contradiction,

and for a god sake, 

love doesn’t demand conditions”, said he.

I nodded and smiled,

when his arms were secretly tightened-

around the hips of mine.

And he pushed harder.

My pale skin was like ivory moonlight etching on his darkest curves.


He and Me.

He is an opposition of me:

A hunter of victory,

a seeker of glory_

who cannot cease, despite difficulties.

And I’m helplessly drowning in his vanity.


He’s also a man of duty

carrying on his shoulder other destinies_

Always, he’s been busy and busy.

For a long time, he wished for a remedy

that could bring him peace.


Me don’t live in his history nor next journeys

Me can’t give him apathy or liberty.

But me will sing him a melody of fantasies,

lift him off the gravity

and ease his misery

with my secret recipe.


Hope he’ll soon be happy!


“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad

Take a sad song and make it better



Our minds wandered somewhere far away

Our sails couldn’t be kept at bay

You and me, 2 sinners in a runaway

“You have found her, go out and get her”

Your eyes starred at me passionately

as if they could tell “You’re mine eternally”

But sadly, I couldn’t be.


He was a blessing in a July’s rain

Slowly, he unleashed my refrain

with his hands hold me tight

and his eyes tried to mesmerize

all of me.



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