in her secret life




You cast a spell on me.

Now, it’s losing its magic.

The rope is being loosen,

kisses are faded.

Answer me:

Will you be afraid?

if one day,

my eyes stop

looking for yours.



You used to embarrass me a lot with your memory.

You said it was easy to remember everything when you were deep in love with me.

But since when beautiful things got faded so unintentionally?

I was wholeheartedly happy seeing you again at my place.

There was a tiny trail of tiredness hiding carelessly on your face,

but my heart crumbled just the same as if nothing had changed.

We talked cheerfully in an awkward way;

and in an ephemeral moment, I realized you had forgotten.

Things you said to me-words I treasured were all laden

in such a clever way under a delusion that you loved me still

while your head and heart were being filled with new sweet memories of her.

That realization of being forgotten blurred my eyes deep inside.

Our stories are getting rusted, have you ever noticed?

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