in her secret life



Die young.

She’s living in a perfect life.

Sun rises in her eyes;

rain falls through her mind;

and crystal shatters on her bluest sky.

“I wish that I could die,

when the primest time’d pass me by.

Then, my corpse’d turn to fireflies,

and on my grave flowers’d bloom white.”


“I am┬ástrong”, that I thought.

And when you loosen our knot,

Still, “I’m fine”.

But now I know it is the biggest lie.

How can I be fine if every night I cry?

How can I be fine if the only wish I need is to die?

How can I be fine if I am no different to a blind?

How can I be fine if I am unable to try?

You’re here-

I’m there-

And our love is shattered everywhere.

I’m not fine at all, are you aware?

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