in her secret life



A bad day.


I got a bad day today.

First came a phone lost,

probably at somewhere on my way.

Then in the middle of my camping,

my friend’s phone rang-

An urgent call lifted me off from what I was enjoying,

which I mean, camping <wink ;)>


My flight was booked and I had 2 hours

to rush back, buy a cheap phone,

get a temporary number,

and make it into the airport-

which is 30 kilometers from the city center.

Guess what happened? – I made it (yay!)


Arrived Hanoi at 10; and here I am,

writing a rhyme to complain about my damn bad day.

But at the end, it was still a nice getaway

with heart bumping, mind stressing and legs tiring;

and it was always you I’ve been missing:

“Wish I now had your hugging and kissing.”

And that is my day, how about yours, darling?

How bad is your day?



You and I,

like Day and Night.

Still, I remember you were waiting

every morning under my balcony

just to have a breakfast with me.

And now, after you walked out of my life,

it is me standing under your balcony every night,

wishing that I could catch your sight.


It will be more than fine.

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