in her secret life





I hang myself by a thread of your hair

and let me burnt in the flame of your stare.


I’m craving for your sins,

etching on my skin,

when the moonlight left a kiss

on the linen sheet

and you got my everything.


I’ve missed you lately.

It’s funny how I’ve missed you lately


I’m drunk in old memories.

Damn beautiful memories:

Hands, hugs,

mornings, nights,


your eyes.

By my bare hands, those I murdered

now against the rust

came like a fever:



Damn! This I hatred.

“With you, why am I so helpless?”


Dear, everything you said-

I remember.

And unfortunately I know-

You’re a liar.


Dear, did you notice

since when we only said goodbye;

our talks only started with poems of mine;

and my ears were no longer filled with your sweetest sigh?

Well, definitely you could deny; but…

this question never crossed your mind-

That I’m certain.

Where are you?

Where are you now dear?

Above the sky blue or under the water clear?

Though your love is truly sincere,

your heart will never be near.


I don’t count

days we’re apart.

another day


when the sun

goes down

like gold.


In a glittering

river of time,

floats my body.

My mind is lost

in theĀ riverhead

of time

when the sun

is dead.


“Hey, baby! How are you?”

A voice mail goes,

the second round-

the voice of a long-gone sound.

“I’m good! Nothing to worry about.

I left the town, a fine man found.

3 months passed us,

I put on a snow-like gown

that touched the green-grass ground.

2 kids came, I moved back in town.

All has been good.

Very well-controlled,

Despite ups and downs.”
Until today, when the voice of a long-gone sound

found its ways across the clouds.

A voice mail goes,

the seventh round.

My mask is dropped, the final bow.

“I’ve never been good,

when you’re not around.”


<NOVEMBER> brings ghosts of my youthfulness back again every when the wind rises.

In front of a church came a grieving song
A red rose fell onto the black coffin
Broken glasses and kisses and tears
Ephemeral love
Forever brokenhearted.

Lightning struck
Liquors spilled
Distorted dreams
Beautiful and haunting
Endlessly in a November rain.


You cast a spell on me.

Now, it’s losing its magic.

The rope is being loosen,

kisses are faded.

Answer me:

Will you be afraid?

if one day,

my eyes stop

looking for yours.

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