in her secret life


April 2017



I hang myself by a thread of your hair

and let me burnt in the flame of your stare.


I’m craving for your sins,

etching on my skin,

when the moonlight left a kiss

on the linen sheet

and you got my everything.


I’ve missed you lately.

It’s funny how I’ve missed you lately


I’m drunk in old memories.

Damn beautiful memories:

Hands, hugs,

mornings, nights,


your eyes.

By my bare hands, those I murdered

now against the rust

came like a fever:



Damn! This I hatred.

“With you, why am I so helpless?”


April is the month of lies

I hope it’d put you back

to my side.

Again, be mine.


Brightly glow as the sun might

It is still up and timely dies

Shamed by your little light 

Shining through day and night

Guiding this sole weary kind

To his longed-for certain life

Residing by your side.


He said he was a selfish fool.

Yes, he is.

My fool.

I’m thinking if he knows

Life is all about:

fooling around.

We are all fools, dear. 

Don’t take the cloth

off your eyes.

Let you’re fooled

by life,

and see 

if your roads 

cross mine.


Today, Sadness touched me


like waves-

strong and small,

in the sea,

kissing the shores,

taking away dreams 

I wanted to be,

to the horizon

that my eyes’re unable to see.

Count 1-10

1 2 3

Do you miss me?

3 4 5

I want to stay by your side.

4 5 6

Can you hear my heartbeat?

6 7 8

It longs for yours one day.

8 9 10

Be well, my man.


I sat on a sunny balcony-

when a bird told me you were now in my country.

My heart. paused.

A sun-drop mingled on the green green leaves.

Coral sun colored my cheeks just suddenly.

“Ah, yes”…my lips murmured secretly,

“He is coming closer to me”.

Gone Sun

She has gone;

when the sun was dying-

on the last day of the world;

my Sun is no long shining.

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