in her secret life


March 2017


Excuse me, sir.

Could you please pass this letter

to the man that you see in the mirror?

When his life’s getting busier,

tell him to sleep earlier;

tell him not to skip dinner.

‘Cause I don’t want to see his eyes grow darker.

If by chance, he looks at the mirror

and finds you standing there sir.

Please help me pass this letter,

and tell him that I miss my lover.



Dear, everything you said-

I remember.

And unfortunately I know-

You’re a liar.


Dear, did you notice

since when we only said goodbye;

our talks only started with poems of mine;

and my ears were no longer filled with your sweetest sigh?

Well, definitely you could deny; but…

this question never crossed your mind-

That I’m certain.

Die young.

She’s living in a perfect life.

Sun rises in her eyes;

rain falls through her mind;

and crystal shatters on her bluest sky.

“I wish that I could die,

when the primest time’d pass me by.

Then, my corpse’d turn to fireflies,

and on my grave flowers’d bloom white.”


Like ink on my hands, your love stains my heart.

And no matter how painful are my fingers,

I keep writing on rugged paper-

Red blood drips over black letters.

Her kiss.

Last night she kissed a tattoo on his chest,

where his heart beat the same as the day they met-

clumsily and uncontrollably mad-

while her lips stain was burning red,

like a poison from the Death –

fatal yet irresistible.

“Take me”, he begged.


He and I-

We are different:

Nothing in common;

Apart by oceans;

And we live for unshared reasons.

“Do we have to have commons?

Or else would our love be broken?”

My heart cried, my eyes were reddened.

“Dear, you’re my flawless contradiction,

and for a god sake, 

love doesn’t demand conditions”, said he.

I nodded and smiled,

when his arms were secretly tightened-

around the hips of mine.

And he pushed harder.

My pale skin was like ivory moonlight etching on his darkest curves.


Dear, do you calculate?

“Nope”, I bet you would say.

Your eyebrows always make a curve,

when I talk about numbers.

But have you noticed ever?

It’s 122 days we’ve been together; and

already 10 nights I depressed my cheek on your shoulder.


And in 24 hours of a day,

54,000 seconds alone I would stay_

turn my jazz on, sit on the window sill and wait

’til 2 hands of the clock shape an angle of 30 degree

and you would come back to me,

leaving hungry touches over my thirsty body_

And love would sweep through the night,

as if there would never be goodbyes.


After all, I know… they’re just numbers

that one day I will not remember.

But dear, does it really matter?

My boring calculations make me happier,

everyday when the numbers keep growing bigger.


And I’m grateful that we’re still together.


Love you.



Luna Luna anchors the night sky.

Are you lonesome up high?

Is the world revolving wild

in your silvery immortal eyes?

But, Luna Bella Luna, my one of the kind.

Lunatic- that’s how people call your dreamy glittering mind.

O’darling, my shinning child.

You’re such a beautiful lie 

lying in a soulless life,

night after night.

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