in her secret life


January 2017

1 and 11.

You and I

We are like 1 and 11 o’clock 

Farther than any others-

Miles and years in between.

But we’re also closer than other hours,

hiding in a small secret box of king and queen.

And the clock ticks

from you to me

as it will

forever be.



Thousands kisses

Dear, what will you do when we meet again?

Will you press me onto wall and drive me insane?

Or push me down and force me under your reign?

All schemes sound nice but not my appetite.

As darling, I would rather die

In your thousands kisses at the first sight.



Dear, how’s your new city?

You’re sailing too far from Home

where you’re meant to be.

On the sidewalk, neon signs are pretty.

You rush through faces that you never see.

Will you remember me

when you’re lost in a thousand seas?


“Hey, baby! How are you?”

A voice mail goes,

the second round-

the voice of a long-gone sound.

“I’m good! Nothing to worry about.

I left the town, a fine man found.

3 months passed us,

I put on a snow-like gown

that touched the green-grass ground.

2 kids came, I moved back in town.

All has been good.

Very well-controlled,

Despite ups and downs.”
Until today, when the voice of a long-gone sound

found its ways across the clouds.

A voice mail goes,

the seventh round.

My mask is dropped, the final bow.

“I’ve never been good,

when you’re not around.”


He fills the air

by the smell of juniper.

His eyes glow

when the night grows darker.

Gin and tonic is spilled all over

a chest,

a lips,

and a kiss

of my choco lover.

I kneel down on a bed sheet

as white as pearl,

enamor him, sliding my tongue

over his curves,

taste him wildly when he slowly



Put my words into a teapot

Add hot water

Take a sip

And feel

How I miss you

A lot.


My spell on you is fading away.

Til’ one day, it will no longer stay

in all places I’ve ever touched…

and in all rhymes I never say.


Soon, there will be time we say goodbye.

I’m going back to my sky

with no sun that shines

And you’re back to your night

with no moon that’s bright.

When it’s time, wish I can smile

to bring you the best goodbye.



have you been thinking of me lately?

You must be now busy

with your journey 

reaching for new trophies.

But in the sea of reality, 

have you ever seen me?

A strawberry? Or a felony?

Or am I locked

in your bluest fantasy?

The key you keep.

Come nearer to me.

Set me free.

Submerge me_

into the waves of your reality.

Take me.


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