in her secret life


December 2016

Happy New Year.

The 365th day of this year is about to pass

just in the cling of a sparkling wine glass.

My dearest dear, are you ready for a new start?


I hope you had an OK year.

Now, keep your smile and leave the tears

when 2017 is almost here.

Where is your glass? Let’s do cheer!

We’ll welcome a very happy new year.


In this year,

may all  your doubts be cleared

and you’ll still be my dear

for the rest of another year.


Kiss. Miss

and wish you were here.


He and Me.

He is an opposition of me:

A hunter of victory,

a seeker of glory_

who cannot cease, despite difficulties.

And I’m helplessly drowning in his vanity.


He’s also a man of duty

carrying on his shoulder other destinies_

Always, he’s been busy and busy.

For a long time, he wished for a remedy

that could bring him peace.


Me don’t live in his history nor next journeys

Me can’t give him apathy or liberty.

But me will sing him a melody of fantasies,

lift him off the gravity

and ease his misery

with my secret recipe.


Hope he’ll soon be happy!


Baby, I remember how you pushed me to bed,tore my night dress 

and slowly put your hand between my legs.

“I’ll turn you crazy”, quietly you said.

And dear, you did_

give me more than I could get, 

please me to death, 

and drive me badly mad.

Tell me, my dearest?

What will be my next test?


Hey, babe! Are you there?

Well, it’s nothing…

just last night, I got a nightmare-

that I could no longer touch your silky hair

and we would no longer be a pair.

I woke up, heart crying in despair.


Dear, you must know you are awfully rare.

Though I know, we’re standing on a broken chair,

losing you?

I’m not sure if I can bear.

This love, a mess that can’t be repaired.


Damn…I miss you,

and the flare in your stare.



My man is a morning star

falling from the bluest sky afar.

“Thy, who you are?”

I asked in the smoke of a tired bar.

He put off his darkest smoking tar.

“I am your scar!”,

replied he.

His voice echoed

in the last drum of jazz.


This year,

I celebrate Christmas with my loved friends-

a chocolate cake, a night well spent.

Then I come home when the day ends.

And as usually before my sleep,

I pray for my kiss be gently sent

to you,

my man.

Christmas Eve.

Will you miss me on Christmas Eve?

When your kids are running around a Christmas tree;

and your wife is being busy roasting a turkey for the whole family_

When songs of Christmas that you once played for me

are echoing merrily holy melodies,

lifting your soul, making you happy.

Are you still

thinking of me

on Christmas Eve?

A good day.

Let’s say today is a good day-

to cry, to die or to thrive.

Don’t refrain or restrain.


Do you miss me?

“Do you miss me?”

I’m glad you asked.

‘Cause I miss you


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