in her secret life


November 2016


Time can build good memories.

And so can it kill.

Let beautiful moments

die beautifully forever-

being frozen


and unharmed

by the heartless knife

of time.



I’m on the plane now.

An aisle seat.

People are talking different languages.

A new country is awaiting.

Who knows what comes next?


Life is a gift box full of surprises.

You can never know if you’re standing on the right places.

You can only do it right and let life lead your way.

Your skin might be burnt and marked and torn apart.

But secrets make a woman and scars make a man, don’t they?


Take care and create better days.


<NOVEMBER> brings ghosts of my youthfulness back again every when the wind rises.

In front of a church came a grieving song
A red rose fell onto the black coffin
Broken glasses and kisses and tears
Ephemeral love
Forever brokenhearted.

Lightning struck
Liquors spilled
Distorted dreams
Beautiful and haunting
Endlessly in a November rain.


You cast a spell on me.

Now, it’s losing its magic.

The rope is being loosen,

kisses are faded.

Answer me:

Will you be afraid?

if one day,

my eyes stop

looking for yours.

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