We were determined-

trying to destroy each and every piece of our memories,

setting aside our hearts to live in a mere rationality,

being responsible with reality.

But hearts…screamed and yearned and craved

Yours for me and mine for you-

from deep down within their graves.

A gun was loaded with its barrel touching your temple.

“What do you want?”, asked a distant voice as cold as metal.

“Another night-with her, by my side.

Touch her, kiss her, look into her eyes

Make love and wake up with her, still – by my side.”

The death nodded his head, and triggered the gun.

You lied down on a wrinkle pearl white linen

My naked body pressed against yours

My  eyebrows frowned and my lips mumbled: “I want more”

Your kisses slowly reached my forehead

“I know our love is hanging on a thread

but sleep tight, the poison for my heart

as no matter far it drags me into Hell

Also the more of you I want to drink in my secret cell.”